To all those Superheroes out there Happy Mother’s Day!

   mothers day

Have you ever took a minute to sit down and think?  And I mean really think, about what life would’ve been like without all the wonderful mothers of the world?  Here recently, I was able to get the chance to do just that.  So I did, I stopped and came  up with 10 reasons why I need my mother in my life.  I challenge you to do the same!  And don’t be surprised when you’re  able to come up with way more than 10 reasons.


Lets be honest here, our mother are our personal superheroes.  Even when they cant always be there for us, or they really don’t want to talk to us, deep down you still feel their fire in your  heart, driving you to succeed in your endeavors.  Personally, my mom has been a huge superhero in not only my  childhood, but also as I’ve grown.  Every day that goes by, we bond more and more. Probably because the more I grow up, I find out I wasn’t always right. Haha don’t let my mom read this.  She’ll never let me live it down.

Its pretty amazing how if we just listen to our personal superheroes every once in awhile life becomes that much easier.  I want to give a special thanks out to not only my mother, but every mother out there.  Thank you for being a rock star mom!! Thank you for being someone’s superhero.


Anyone who reads this, what’s your 10 reasons? Think about it and call your mom and tell her them. She would love to hear it.  Warm her heart as much as she has warmed yours. I think I speak for a lot of people out there when I say,

                   WE LOVE YOU!!!                      Happy Mothers Day!!!                                           From all of us here at 2nd-to-none-Service

       -Kyle Williamson


As a business owner, I requested my manager, my son, to write a Mother’s Day Blog.  What I received blew me away!.  He mentioned the 10 reasons in his blog but he never stated what they were here is the response I received back when I asked.

  1. Food
  2. My good looks
  3. Roof over my head
  4. More Food
  5. Again my good looks
  6. My super awesome brain
  7. My job
  8. More, more, more food
  9. The clothes you get me
  10. annnnnnddd my good looks

                                               Hahahahahahahaahahahahahaha  just kidding!

  1. You’re my biggest source of advice.
  2. If I ever needed advise on anything you have always been there to help. Even if it made no sense to my tiny brain.
  3. You always have my best interest in mind and heart.
  4. No matter what it is you would always do it for me and my brothers.
    1. !!!!!ice cream!!!!!
  5. You were my protector when I was a baby and vulnerable. And I know you wouldn’t hesitate to have my back in a sticky situation
  6. You do your absolute best to offer me as much security as possible
    1. Job security
    2. My future dreams
    3. Love
  7. You are selfless
    1. If you didn’t think I was watching every Christmas that you would go without so that me and my brothers could have I was
  8. Your tough love is only to make us better
  9. You support all my ideas and endeavors
    1. Anything ever you were there to support it
    2. Except snow skiing haha
  10. Whenever I was down you gave me the strength to stand up and keep pursuing. You did this by inspiring me. Again when you didn’t thing I was watching, I was.
  11. You made it possible for me and my brothers to have an amazing childhood. You did the absolute best you could for us to have the little things and get to travel and experience the things you didn’t when you were a kid
  12. You watched me in as many of my school competitions as you possibly could cheering me on even if it meant you had to be up at the ass crack of dawn or drive me countless miles so I could do it.
  13. You’re always proud of my successes in life and you aren’t afraid to express it
  14. You’re still my best friend even though I’m an adult now
  15. You will love me my entire life non stop
  16. And above all. You are irreplaceable in my life!! No one could ever have compared to your moms skills. You have a warmth in your heart for me and my brothers that the SUN himself would be jealous.
  17. And even more above all!!!!!!!  My good lucks!!! Hahah

I could go on for day.   I love you Mom!


~ by 2ndtononeservice on May 10, 2017.

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