To a Great New Year Ahead



It is the New Year, a time for new plans and a thought for last year and how to make this year even better.  Talking with many diesel repair shop owners across the nation, I discovered that it was not only a tough year for me but for almost all the repair shops across the country.  We ask ourselves, “What happened? What caused the down trend? Was it the election? Was it the weather?”  We haven’t seen a decline like this since 2008.  I think even 2008 was better!  Is it something we did or didn’t do as business owners?  Were we to complacent and not proactive to running our own businesses?  There are so many questions.  But the big question is how do we make this new year better.

I know that I personally struggled with staying connected with my business.  I grew tired and disinterested.  So how do I find a new thrill in being in business for myself?  How do I keep it interesting and new?  Where is my drive for life?  Has this world just beat me down to where I don’t care anymore? Is it complacency?  Did I get happy and content and complacent with what life had given me?  All these questions and no answers in site!

Everyone asks, “What is your New Year’s Resolution?”  Well to tell you the truth I did not make one!  Wow, Is that bad of me?  Do I not have any goals anymore?  So here it goes I will attempt to set goals for this new year to make the shops great again!  “Attempt” Did that word just set me up for disaster and failure? “Great again” Did I just say that the shops were not great?  Well they are great, but they could always be better.  Anything, everything and everyone can always gain in greatness!  So, I just came across a problem with my thinking.  I must first change my way of thinking.  Do not think in the negatives. Think in the positives!  Postulate positive things and positive thinking.  Be definite in my goals and thinking, don’t leave any wiggle room or I just might squirm out of my own goals!  Wow that just sounded like a New Year’s Resolution to me!

Ok here we go, New Year’s Resolutions to a Great and Prosperous Year!

  • Think in the positives.  Postulate positive things and positive thinking!
    • Postulate – suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of (something) as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief
  • Set definite goals.  Be detailed and direct in those goals.
    • Dream big!
    • Set steps to achieve those dreams.
    • Set time frames in which to accomplish those dreams.
    • Create a vision board of those Dreams and goals
    • Create an administration scale with all detailed goals, steps and target dates.
  • Follow through with all steps and overcome every obstacle to achieve those goals.
  • Have a great and Prosperous New Year!

That is how I am going to make a great year come together!  Join me and make your year great too.


Lynnetta Rogers




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