Is your Vehicle ready for the Cold Winter Weather?

2nd-to-None-Service knows that the approaching cold winter weather is hard on you vehicle.  We want to remind you to winterize your car or truck.  What needs to be done to winterize your vehicle?  Well, call us to schedule an appointment and let us take care of it for you.

Big Rig Semi-Trucks driving up a steep grade on an Arctic Winter Highway in Alaska

About winterization of your vehicle!

  1. The Fuel System:
    1. Make sure you are using the right level of octane. The higher the octane the easier your vehicle will start in the cold weather.
    2. Be sure to keep anti-gel additives for your diesel vehicle.  Diesel will freeze up if the temperature drops to low.
    3. You don’t want your fuel and fuel filters to freeze.  Make sure you drain any water from your fuel system and maintain good fuel filters on your vehicle.
  2. The cooling System:
    1. A regular preventive maintenance program will uncover problems within the cooling system and cab heater, as well as radiator leaks, plugged hoses and cracked belts.  If left unchecked, these issues may worsen in the cold winter temperatures we face here in New Mexico and eventually lead to the failure of the cooling system components and engine damage will occur.
    2. You also need to make sure your coolant is at the proper freeze point for our area.warning triangle with winter car breakdown in background
  3. The Air System:
    1. On diesel trucks the air dryer is designed to collect and remover air system contaminants before they enter the brake system and cause the brakes to freeze up.  In colder climates like ours water can freeze in the valve and cause serious problems with the operation of your air-brake system.  To ensure proper brake function and keep your vehicle running smoothly in the freezing conditions, air dryer maintenance is imperative.
    2. It is also important to drain the water out of your air tanks!  over time in the heat and cold the air will build up condensation an this will collect in the air tanks.  Always have on hand air system additives to keep your air lines and valves from freezing!
  4. The Engine:
    1. Diesel engines are much harder to start in the cold weather because they require higher cylinder temperatures.  Do you have a block heater installed on your truck?  Are your glow plugs (if equipped) functioning properly?
  5. The Batteries
    1. In winter, heavy-duty diesels require strong batteries that hold a good charge with enough cranking amps to start the engine.  Freezing conditions drain a battery fast.  Have your batteries checked to make sure they are good and all connections are tight and clean.
  6. The windshield Wiper Blades:
    1. The hard New Mexico climate is hard on wiper blades with the heat and cold.  Make sure your wiper blades are good.
    2. Make sure your wiper fluid tank is full and carry an extra supply of fluid in your vehicle.


Bring your vehicle in to 2nd-to-None-Service.  Let our team of professionals go through your truck and make sure you are ready for the cold winter driving conditions.  Call us at Albuquerque NM  505-888-8818    or    Moriarty NM  505-832-9090

Check out our websites at 2nd-to-None-Service   or 2nd-to-None-Fleet service


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