4th Annual “Free Ride” Car Giveaway Winner!

FREE RIDE WINNER MONICA MARTINEZ   Monica Martinez is this years recipient of the 4th Annual “Free Ride” Car Giveaway.

2nd-to-None-Service gives away a vehicle to a very deserving person in the community, who helps others and has come upon hard times and could use a helping hand but would never ask for one.  This year’s winner is as amazing woman.  Each morning she wakes with a positive outlook, applies her lipstick, and goes to work.  She works for Edgewood Middle School running the kitchen feeding all the students. She always encourages the students to become the best and would do anything to help them because she knows they are our future.  She states that “Doing for others” makes her feel whole.  She always sees the good in everyone, especially in the children of our community. After work she heads to Mountain View Elementary where she helps with the after school programs.   When done there she doesn’t go home and put her feet up she heads off to run errands and care for her aging mother. After that is all done then she heads home to take care of her daughter.  On her spare time she finds ways to help others in the community. In the past few years she has come upon hard time due to some unfortunate circumstances.   Monica Martinez or Ms. Monica as the kids call her, we are proud to award you with this 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan.  Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Check out our website:   2nd-to-None-Service


~ by 2ndtononeservice on September 23, 2015.

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