It all starts with the battery (for your car anyway!)

When you start your car this winter, the last thing you want to hear is a “chug, chug, chuuug” from your engine when it’s trying (in vain) to turn over. If this happens, it’s quite possibly your battery, especially if you haven’t tested or replaced it in some time. But starting your car is just one important function the battery serves. This blog is all about batteries.

Car batteries usually last four to six years, but it’s good to have your battery tested after three to four years because there are few warning signs of a dying battery. However, if you have to jump start your car for any reason or if you notice your car sounds different when you start it, then it’s time to have your battery tested.

Your battery is in great demand.

If you drive a newer vehicle, the demands placed upon your battery are significant. This is because new cars have so many more electrical systems than older vehicles. Here are a few of the features that may be using power from your battery in addition to the starting system:

  • Wipers and defoggers
  • Lights
  • Fan
  • Power windows and door locks
  • Power seats
  • Heated seats
  • Stereo and auxiliary power ports
  • ECU (electronic control unit)

In addition to the numerous functions it performs, weather can take a toll on your battery. Both temperature extremes—hot and cold—are battery killers. Battery capacity falls by about 1% per degree below 68 degrees, while high temperatures accelerate aging, self-discharge, and electrolyte usage. Fully discharged batteries (“dead” batteries) lose about 80% of their life expectancy when compared to a battery that never went “dead.”

Get your battery tested!

Be proactive when it comes to your battery. If it’s between three and five years old (or older), or if you are noticing a pattern of slow engine cranking, stop by 2nd-to-None Service and have your battery tested. It’s one quick pass or fail test that just may keep you off the side of the road this winter!


~ by 2ndtononeservice on December 1, 2014.

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