Conserve Gas and Pad Your Wallet

Remember when a gallon of gas cost around a $1?

Gas Prices Are Well Over $3 in NM

High Gas Prices in New Mexico (Image from Flickr)

Well those days are long gone. With gas prices solidly over $3 a gallon in New Mexico, it’s all about trying to save money at the pump. Some people are sharing rides or taking public transportation to manage costs; however, that’s difficult for those living in rural areas with few close neighbors. And while Albuquerque residents can use ABQ RIDE buses to get around, Moriarty doesn’t have a public transportation system.

So that means you–like most of us–are probably dependent on your car to get to work, to get to the store…to do pretty much anything! And did you know the average one-way commute in Moriarty is 35 minutes compared to 24 minutes for the State of New Mexico? We’re in our cars more often than most AND for longer periods of time! We need to save on gas however we can.

Gas Saving Tips

Luckily, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has many tips for saving gas and making sure your car or truck gets optimal miles per gallon.

  1. Monitor your tires – Underinflated tires and/or poorly aligned wheels waste gas by forcing your car’s engine to work harder.
  2. Remove excess weight from your vehicle – Less weight means better mileage.
  3. Consolidate trips and errands – If you’re going to town, make a list and make sure you take care of everything you need to do.
  4. Avoid stop-and-go traffic – Plan your trips to town at times when traffic is light.
  5. Keep your engine tuned-up – Replace your filters and fluids according to your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule, and correct any engine problems.
  6. Use windows and air conditioning (A/C) wisely – Keep your windows up when driving at highway speeds to reduce air drag, and turn the A/C off in stop-and-go traffic to save fuel.
  7. Avoid excessive idling – Shut off your engine if you’re parked and waiting in your car.
  8. Observe speed limits – Speeding decreases your miles per gallon.
  9. Drive gently – Sudden acceleration guzzles gas, so adjust your speed gradually.

If you haven’t had your car or truck serviced in awhile, bring your vehicle to 2nd to None Services for a little TLC. When your car’s running in top condition, you’ll be filling up less often.


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