Lynnetta’s success story about women in the automotive industry!

Lynnetta Rogers success story

Lynnetta Rogers is the owner of 2nd-to-None Service in Moriarty and 2nd-to-None Fleet Service in Albuquerque.

Happy first day of May! We’ve been busy over the last few months working on getting our new Albuquerque fleet shop up and running, as well as completing a few other projects and community endeavors. One big project we want to share with you today is our participation in Management Success’ Women’s Power Advisory Group, which is directed towards getting more women in the automotive industry.

I am one of the founding members of this group, along with Nancy Knight of Knight’s Automotive, Kate Jonasse of K Tech Automotive, Tess McKenzie of Top Shop Automotive, and Lynda Archer of Aardvark Automotive. We come from all over the U.S. but are united in showing just how great this industry is.

To kick things off, I’ve written a success story that I hope will show that women can be extremely successful and happy in this field – check it out here on the Management Success! blog! While in the beginning the journey wasn’t easy, it has all been worth it and I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.

So if you have a friend or a daughter who’s looking into career options, please send my story her way! I am always happy to answer questions – just send me an email at

A Facebook group for the Women’s Power Advisory Group will be created soon, with more details to follow for those interested in networking with us and getting insight into the automotive field.


Lynnetta Rogers



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