Soap Box Derby announcement – We want your feedback!

Forget Nascar. There’s nothing quite like assembling your own soapbox car and leaning in for the ride, your gravity-powered vehicle zooming speedily downhill. A soap box derby is a rollicking good time for the entire family.

To quench Moriarty’s need for speed, we are planning to host a soap box derby before the end of the school year (so by the end of May). Of course, since we don’t have any hills in town, each buggy will be helmed by a team of two people: One to drive and one to push during the length of the race. Racing on flat ground will be a challenge, but we guarantee it’ll be a fun, memorable one!

The derby will be open to school kids ages 7-17. There will also be an adult division and possibly a senior one for those old timers looking for a thrill! Proceeds will be donated to the Bethel Community Storehouse. While the event is still in its initial stages, there will be contests for the fastest car and the most outrageous design. As of now, we would like to include the following schools in the competition: Edgewood Elementary, Moriarty Elementary, Mountainview Elementary, Route 66 Elementary, South Mountain Elementary, Edgewood Middle School, Moriarty Middle School, and Moriarty High School.

We would love to get your feedback about this event – let us know if your school would like to participate, what other contests to hold, and where it should be held! Please contact us at 505-832-9090.

Building a buggy with your kids not only brands you with the elusive “cool parent” label, but also encourages bonding and learning outside of the classroom. We hope to see you and your handy work at the races!


~ by 2ndtononeservice on January 23, 2013.

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