“Free Ride” Car Giveaway

“Free Ride” Car Giveaway

For individuals or families in need, a vehicle can make the difference in being able to make it to work, get kids to school, or make it to the grocery store. Unfortunately, many people struggle without vehicles and can experience great obstacles as a result. As an active member of the Moriarty community, we wanted to help do something about this.

Throughout this summer, 2nd-to-None Service ran a campaign to reward a worthy and deserving member of our community with a vehicle that has been fully serviced and in good working condition. The selection is made from recommendations and nominations from people in the community of those who continuously contribute and give back to others in their community.

We had help. From local business sponsors to a committee of local government, Moriarty really pulled together to make this happen. The teamwork and camaraderie was amazing.

At the Pinto Bean Festival, we awarded our winner. After all of the submissions, local man David Sayers won a 1989 Ford Bronco, fully serviced and in good driving condition.



  • Bill Williams of Insurance Services of New Mexico contributed $100 towards the first months’ insurance
  • Moriarty Pipe & Iron donated towards Registration



  • Larry Irving, City Councilman
  • Lianne Taffiya, Torrance County Commissioner
  • Torrance County Sheriff’s Department

To watch the full video of the giveaway, visit our website and check out News & Specials!

The 2nd-to-None Service Team


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