When Do I Need New Tires?

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Best Time to Purchase New Tires

There are numerous indicators to look out for that will cause you to buy new tires for your vehicle. However, attempting to figure out the precise time span for how long your tires last is nearly impossible.

There are numerous elements that factor into the longevity and mileage of a tire, subject to:

  • Weather forecast
  • Tire’s model type
  • Driving routine
  • How driver handles tires
  • Road’s habitat

What we do know is, that the more beating a tire takes on, the more likelihood that it is unsafe to drive. A tire tread’s initial design is to reroute water from beneath the tire, which leads to improvements in traction on the road and less hydroplaning when the ground is wet. The more worn that the tire gets, the more undependable it gets. Once the tire shallows down to 1/16th of an inch, it is considered totally unsafe. Professionals, however, suggest that you don’t wait until your tires get to that point to get new tires because your safety will be in jeopardy in bad weather conditions.

Signs You Need New Tires

New Tires Penny Test

Did you know you can determine the condition of your tires for as low as one cent? Most commonly known as the penny test, you can test your tire’s tread by inserting your penny into various grooves along the tread. If the top of Lincoln’s head is showing when you put the penny in, that means that tread is low and your tires are unsafe. At this point you’ll want to seriously consider replacing your tires. On the other hand, if you can’t see Lincoln’s head, that means you have about 2/32 of an inch remaining before you need to think about getting new tires.

How a Wheel Alignment Can Help Prolong the Life of Your New Tires

There are still many other factors contribute to the determent of tires that are often out of your control, which includes weather cracking and sidewall integrity. As tires either age or are exposed to extreme weather conditions, the rubber begins to lose elasticity and cracks appear on the surface. Some cracking might not mean you need new tires, but if you notice a lot of splintering, it’s a good idea to take your car to a tire shop where a professional can help you determine if you need new tires.

Time for New Tires? Call Us Today!

Regardless of the amount of time and care you put into your tires, there are still other elements out of your control that effect your tires. If you live in an area with jarring weather conditions or your tires are starting to age, the elasticity begins to get loose and cracks appear along the outside. Small cracks shouldn’t cause for any worry, however if you begin to see a reoccurrence of splintering you are definitely going to want to take your car into a shop to get your tires further examined.


When Do I Need Brake Repair?

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Your brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety feature, which is why it’s critical to keep your brakes in strong working condition—not spongy, not slow, and not squealy. So, how do you know if you need to replace brakes or any brake system components? The truth is it’s not always obvious… for an obvious reason. Your brakes are designed to wear out gradually, so you have time to take your car in for brake service or a brake repair, before your brakes fail entirely. Read on for more information about car brake repair and what to watch out for when it’s time to replace brakes.

Signs You Need a Brake Repair

Most modern vehicles have brake wear sensors to tell you it’s time for brake service or a brake repair. With brake wear sensors, you’ll hear a screeching noise when you brake or as you release your brake, indicating your brakes have reached the end of their life cycle. However, some vehicles do not feature brake wear sensors, so being mindful of squeaks and squeals from your brakes is still important, and any unusual noises should never be ignored. If you hear grinding noises, that usually means your brake pads have worn away completely, and you’re hearing metal on metal—beyond time for brake service! Other signs of necessary brake repair are brake pedal pulsations, increased stopping distances, and a brake pedal that stops closer to the floor than it did before.

Don’t Wait to Replace Brakes

As part of your routine maintenance schedule, it’s good to have your tires rotated about every six months. This is an ideal time to have your brakes inspected as well. A mechanic can check the thickness of your brake pads, as well as the condition of your brake calipers and drum hardware to see if you need to replace brake system components. Using this strategy, brake service won’t seem like an inconvenience because you’ll be at the auto repair shop anyway, and you’ll be sure to take care of any brake system issues early—before issues become problems.

Factors Affecting Your Need to Replace Brakes

Whether you need to replace brakes will vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Your driving habits (i.e. how abruptly you stop)
  • Environment (city driving vs. country driving)
  • Brake pad hardness
  • Materials that make up the brake rotor and brake pad

Generally, replace brake pads after about 50,000 miles, but depending on the factors listed, some may need to be replaced after 25,000 miles, while others can last for 70,000 miles.

Call Us for Brake Service & Brake Repair

Because brakes don’t fail overnight, it isn’t always easy to know when your brakes have reached the point where they are dangerous. That’s why it’s so important to have your brakes checked regularly and to take care of any brake service or brake repair you need sooner rather than later. If it’s time to replace brakes or any braking system components, make sure you go to a reputable auto repair shop that uses quality parts. You can trust our mechanics to keep your brakes in excellent condition, so you can drive with confidence.

Drive Axle Inspection on a Big Rig – It’s A Lot Easier Than You Think

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The name “Drive Axle Inspection” may seem a bit daunting to some, especially if you aren’t familiar with axles on a big rig. However, it’s important to understand how an inspection works because it is a Federal requirement to inspect the vehicle before driving each day. Normally, this takes about 15 minutes.

Drive Axle Inspection for Heavy Duty Trucks & Big Rigs

Parts to Check

It should be noted that while the axle housings themselves require little maintenance other than visual inspection for cracked or broken welds or loose mounting hardware, the seals and axle lubricant need a little attention periodically. Parts to check include:

  • Lubricant level to ensure it is filled to the appropriate level
  • Carrier-to-housing connection
  • Wheel seals
  • The pinion input or output shields to check for oil build up or dirt
  • The housing breather to see if it’s missing or damaged

Checking the Breather

Checking the breather is a significant part of this process because a damaged breather could allow contaminants to enter the axle, jeopardizing the lubricant. Conversely, if the breather is plugged, heat in the axle could cause pressure inside the housing to force lubricant out through the wheel or pinion seals, leading to an incorrect diagnosis of a seal failure.

The breather allows a small amount of vapor to escape from the axle, and the area around the breather may seem wet or covered with dirt. Experts say that a little wetness around the air vent on the axle is normal. Excessive wetness, on the other hand, is not normal. If this occurs, use thread sealant to put a stop to the seepage.


The other essential maintenance implication for drive axles is alignment. Misaligned axles can cause significant issues with tires, especially steer tires, resulting in a misdiagnosis of the problem.

A makeshift method of confirming that the drive axles are reasonably well-aligned is to measure them in relation to the frame and each other. With the wheels chocked and the brake released, measure the distance between the axles. It should be the same on both sides. Also measure the distance from a fixed point on the axle, such as the brake spider, to the frame rail. These measurements should also be the same. If they are different, you’ll want to consider a full-chassis alignment job on your drive axles.

Wheels for our Hero’s

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2nd-to-None-Service wants to give back to the Hero’s that go above and beyond in our community. We have a Dodge Durango we would like to give to a person in Law Enforcement, a First Responder, a Military Member, or a Veteran. Do you know someone that goes above and beyond for the community but may be facing hardship and could benefit by a vehicle, if so nominate them!

dodge durango

Following Criteria for Nominees
• Must be a resident of the State of New Mexico
• Must be in Law Enforcement, a First Responder, or a Military member or Veteran!
• Must be a “giver” by nature and we prefer someone who is active in our community
• Must have a valid New Mexico driver’s license and be able to afford to register and insure the vehicle in their own name
• Must be nominated by someone other than recipient
• Must have application in by June 15, 2018

Click here to download the Nomination Form

Thank you!


505-832-9090  or 505-888-8818

Self Driving Trucks!?!?

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Autonomous Trucks (Wow what a concept!)2017-mercedes-benz-actros-autonomous-truck-fleetConversation Between me and my Dog.

By Nicholas Ross, Service Advisor for 2nd-to-None-Service

So self-driving trucks are going to be on the road soon, and everyone and their dog has an opinion on what this means.  Is this going to be the end of the trucking industry as we know it?  Will this be a new golden age where drivers can run a business out of their truck while delivering loads?  Will this turn into a Stephen King story and the trucks run amok and try and kill everyone on the road?  I’ve been reading up on this at home and talking it over with my dogs.  They are a bit confused on several issues, such as, What the hell and why I’m not giving them treats, but they’re good listeners (except for the deaf one). So here are their questions and my answers.

Dog: Who decided this was a good idea?
Me: Right now, we have several major companies working on these robots and numerous other companies trying to get into the game and a lot of issues coming up because of it.  In fact, the drama surrounding this is actually pretty interesting to read about.  You have Engineers jumping ship between companies and the inevitable lawsuits that follow.  But, at the moment, you have 2 big companies with actual trucks on the road.  Volvo’s Otto, which is the most German sounding name ever, is delivering beer in Colorado.  You also have Tesla, who has their robot truck delivering robot fridges between Texas and California.  I find it funny that one robot is bringing other robots to market, while the German truck is transporting beer.  I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but I love it.
Dog: Can I have a treat now?
Me: No. Sit!
Dog: *Sits* so what do the drivers do then?
Me: *Pets puppy* Good question.  Drivers for now are needed to be on the truck.  No way in hell are they going to just trust an unproven machine on the roads.  They even have a huge police escort every time it goes on a beer run.  The drivers are also needed for the back roads.  Right now, the computer is only able to handle highways and not even that well.  Apparently, the recognition software needs some work.  Right now, it can’t tell the difference between a DOT officer and a hobo flagging you down for a ride.  Sounds like the easiest way in the world to steal a truck.

Dog: You didn’t answer my question.
Me: Right!  Well, they sit in the back doing whatever.  For the tests to be considered successful there has to be no one at the wheel.  Which means that it’ll take at least 30 seconds for a driver to get into the seat and react to anything that the computer can’t handle.  A bit scary if you ask me.
However, this does leave the driver with a lot of time to do other things.  Play x-box, set up new deliveries, even run a second business out of their truck.  Not a bad thing to do even if the companies start paying lower salaries.
Dog: Why would the company do that?
Me:  Because companies would throw their employees into a snaky pit of spikes if it made good financial sense.  Things must balance out. What are the companies’ future plans and how do those plans correlate with the advancing times?  If the companies don’t change with the times they could find themselves out of business.
Dog: But what about all the employee force that are losing their jobs because of the change in technology?
Me: Great Question! What do we do now? We have to become part of the Entrepreneur force in this great country.  It’s our turn to start new and exciting businesses!
Dog: Right! *Wanders to the door* Sounds kind of scary to me.
Me: OK, we can be done for now. *Opens door and throws ball* Go get it boy!

catch-ballThank you for reading hope you enjoyed!

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To all those Superheroes out there Happy Mother’s Day!

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   mothers day

Have you ever took a minute to sit down and think?  And I mean really think, about what life would’ve been like without all the wonderful mothers of the world?  Here recently, I was able to get the chance to do just that.  So I did, I stopped and came  up with 10 reasons why I need my mother in my life.  I challenge you to do the same!  And don’t be surprised when you’re  able to come up with way more than 10 reasons.


Lets be honest here, our mother are our personal superheroes.  Even when they cant always be there for us, or they really don’t want to talk to us, deep down you still feel their fire in your  heart, driving you to succeed in your endeavors.  Personally, my mom has been a huge superhero in not only my  childhood, but also as I’ve grown.  Every day that goes by, we bond more and more. Probably because the more I grow up, I find out I wasn’t always right. Haha don’t let my mom read this.  She’ll never let me live it down.

Its pretty amazing how if we just listen to our personal superheroes every once in awhile life becomes that much easier.  I want to give a special thanks out to not only my mother, but every mother out there.  Thank you for being a rock star mom!! Thank you for being someone’s superhero.


Anyone who reads this, what’s your 10 reasons? Think about it and call your mom and tell her them. She would love to hear it.  Warm her heart as much as she has warmed yours. I think I speak for a lot of people out there when I say,

                   WE LOVE YOU!!!                      Happy Mothers Day!!!                                           From all of us here at 2nd-to-none-Service

       -Kyle Williamson

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To a Great New Year Ahead

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It is the New Year, a time for new plans and a thought for last year and how to make this year even better.  Talking with many diesel repair shop owners across the nation, I discovered that it was not only a tough year for me but for almost all the repair shops across the country.  We ask ourselves, “What happened? What caused the down trend? Was it the election? Was it the weather?”  We haven’t seen a decline like this since 2008.  I think even 2008 was better!  Is it something we did or didn’t do as business owners?  Were we to complacent and not proactive to running our own businesses?  There are so many questions.  But the big question is how do we make this new year better.

I know that I personally struggled with staying connected with my business.  I grew tired and disinterested.  So how do I find a new thrill in being in business for myself?  How do I keep it interesting and new?  Where is my drive for life?  Has this world just beat me down to where I don’t care anymore? Is it complacency?  Did I get happy and content and complacent with what life had given me?  All these questions and no answers in site!

Everyone asks, “What is your New Year’s Resolution?”  Well to tell you the truth I did not make one!  Wow, Is that bad of me?  Do I not have any goals anymore?  So here it goes I will attempt to set goals for this new year to make the shops great again!  “Attempt” Did that word just set me up for disaster and failure? “Great again” Did I just say that the shops were not great?  Well they are great, but they could always be better.  Anything, everything and everyone can always gain in greatness!  So, I just came across a problem with my thinking.  I must first change my way of thinking.  Do not think in the negatives. Think in the positives!  Postulate positive things and positive thinking.  Be definite in my goals and thinking, don’t leave any wiggle room or I just might squirm out of my own goals!  Wow that just sounded like a New Year’s Resolution to me!

Ok here we go, New Year’s Resolutions to a Great and Prosperous Year!

  • Think in the positives.  Postulate positive things and positive thinking!
    • Postulate – suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of (something) as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief
  • Set definite goals.  Be detailed and direct in those goals.
    • Dream big!
    • Set steps to achieve those dreams.
    • Set time frames in which to accomplish those dreams.
    • Create a vision board of those Dreams and goals
    • Create an administration scale with all detailed goals, steps and target dates.
  • Follow through with all steps and overcome every obstacle to achieve those goals.
  • Have a great and Prosperous New Year!

That is how I am going to make a great year come together!  Join me and make your year great too.


Lynnetta Rogers



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